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Algebra I students solve problems involving functions: linear, quadratic and exponential. Studying the content and processes described by the Washington State K-12 Mathematics Standards for Algebra I, students use functions, variable expressions and equations to analyze relationships, represent and model problems and answer questions. Students work with the real number system: integer exponents, scientific notation and radicals. They also analyze data to determine the relationship between two variables and make and defend appropriate predictions, conjectures and generalizations.
*Scientific calculator needed. 

More information can be found in the  Algebra Class Syllabus

Algebra Lab

Algebra Lab is an additional support for students enrolled in an Algebra class. Students work closely with an Algebra teacher on the skills and concepts being learned in their current Algebra class, supporting successful completion of that class. Essential concepts and skills are supported using a combination of in class projects, direct instruction and group work. This class is year-long, earning 1 elective credit.

 More information can be found in the  Algebra Lab Class Syllabus

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