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FAQ for Parents

What is Power Hour (PH)?  Power Hour is a one-hour block at the midpoint of the school day Monday-Thursday designed to support learning and maintain a positive culture for students. This block of time includes a 30-minute lunch and a 30-minute flex period for students to pursue academic work and extracurricular interests. Students can use this time to get extra help, make up missed assignments, study, attend intervention, participate in clubs, activities, or intramural sports.  Students who struggle academically may be assigned Power Hour if deemed necessary by their teacher.

When is Power Hour?  Monday through Thursday for an hour between periods 2 and 3 on blue days and periods 6 and 7 on gold days.

When will my student eat lunch?  To reduce student anxiety, Power Hour allows students to choose their own lunch time so they can socialize with friends for up to half of the hour and then get academic support or participate in clubs for the remainder of the hour.  Students are allowed to eat where they choose and have done an outstanding job of cleaning up after themselves in the past.

How will my student know when his/her teachers are available for academic support? Each teacher has a Power Hour schedule in his/her window for easy student access. Teachers will also share their schedule with students regularly during class. Teacher schedules are also linked above and are updated roughly 2 weeks after the start of the school year.

What activities and clubs are available during Power Hour? Most clubs and activities will be set and advertised after the first month of school.  Students can monitor the screens in the hallways for club updates. In addition, club information can be accessed using the link above, or by looking on the ACTIVITIES page, as well as bulletin boards on each floor.  Updates will occur regularly. With that said, basketball games regularly take place in the gym and the climbing wall is also open. There is also information on club meetings times, dates and locations that can be accessed on the THS ASB link.

Who do I contact with Power Hour questions?  Please contact Associate Principal Chris Feist [email protected]

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