Molinaro, Lori

Ms. Molinaro
Math Teacher, Tahoma High School

 Email:  [email protected]

                                                        1st Period:  Geometry
                                                        2nd Period:  Planning
                                                        3rd Period:  Geometry
                                                        4th Period:  Geometry LAB

                                                        5th Period:  Geometry
                                                         6th Period:  Geometry 
                                                         7th Period:  Geometry
                                                         8th Period:  Planning

When checking assignment grades, quiz scores, and test scores in Skyward/Family Access make sure that you are going to the Skyward website.  Cell phone apps will not show you everything that you need to see.  You will see the full list of assignments, quizzes, and tests that are graded on the Skyward website as well as any comments that I may have made.

Materials Needed for Geometry and Geometry LAB classes:  scientific calculator, construction compass(safety or regular), ruler, spiral notebook(8 1/2" x 11" is best),  pens, pencils, highlighters, glue stick, and graph paper.    


All announcements,  assignments, projects, and test information, including due dates, are posted in Google Classroom. You will need to sign in with your GoTahoma email address and password.  Remember, Google Classroom is not a gradebook.  I will list every assignment in Google Classroom but very seldom collect it through Google Classroom. (If it is an online assignment, you will see the link in G.C.)  Completed assignments will be shown to me and I will put the grade into Skyward.  You will need to check Skyward for scores and grades. Click the Class Information link along the left for my syllabus and other important information about our class.

Parents and Guardians

I post all announcements, assignments, daily consolidation papers,  ANSWER KEYS with work shown, projects, and test details(including due dates) in Google Classroom for students to access.  Students do not turn their assignments into me via Google Classroom.  They show me their completed assignments in class and I stamp them. Upcoming assignments and projects will also appear on the class calendar in Skyward for parents and students to view (see left sidebar of this page).   

Google Classroom is not a gradebook. For grades and missing assignments, please check Skyward. You can also check the Calendar page on this site to see events and due dates.

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