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English 10
English 10  is a two-semester course that builds upon and improves students’ writing, reading, speaking/listening, language and research skills as outlined in the Common Core State Standards for grade 10. Students read literary and informational texts; write essays in the informative/explanatory, argumentative and narrative modes; and participate in individual and group speaking/listening activities and research projects. Independent reading is a requirement.
More information can be found in the <Link to English 10 Syllabus>

EWU English 201

English 201 emphasizes research skills, analytical writing, logic, and other skills necessary to comprehend, synthesize, and respond intelligently to academic discourse. The goal of our assignments is to help you succeed in your major and beyond by immersing you in the practice of academic discourse. We will pay particular attention to research, analysis, and documentation.

During the quarter, students in this course will learn to craft an academic research essay by writing, revising, and combining several smaller pieces of writing. These shorter pieces of writing will result in the final product for the course: an academic essay of 10-12 pages in length. NOTE: Students must complete all the papers/essays to pass the course.

Students in EWU English 201 may register for college credit, but acceptance of those credits is at the discretion of each individual college or university. More information can be found in the
 <Link to Class Syllabus> .

Public Speaking Without Fear

In life, no matter the occupation, at some point people are asked to deliver a presentation. Furthermore, many post-high school paths require clear communication in both formal and informal ways. In order to be an effective speaker, a person's communication, verbal, nonverbal, and written skill must be consistent. Mastery of these skills used in public speaking will greatly enhance students' changes to be understood. Effective presentation includes strong content, logical organization, clear delivery, and awareness of one's audience. <Link to Class Syllabus>


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