SEBB Continuation Coverage (COBRA)

What is Continuation Coverage?

SEBB Continuation Coverage(COBRA)-is a temporary extension of SEBB health plan coverage available to SEBB members and their dependents due to your SEBB employer benefits terminating. Your SEBB benefits will terminate when you separate employment with the school district (ex, retirement, termination or resigning your position).


When will my SEBB benefits terminate?

Your benefits will terminate at the end of the current month that you separate employment.

If you resign on June 18, 2021 then your SEBB benefits will terminate on June 30, 2021. You would then be eligible for SEBB Continuation Coverage on July 1, 2021.

If your contract ends on Aug. 31, 2021 and you do not have a new contract for Sept. 1, 2021, then your SEBB benefits will terminate Aug. 31, 2021. You would then be eligible for SEBB Continuation Coverage on Sept. 1, 2021.

(*You could also opt into the State of Washington’s marketplace health insurance under a special open enrollment event instead of opting into Continuation Coverage.


When am I offered Continuation Coverage?

You will be offered Continuation Coverage after your SEBB benefits are terminated. SEBB will send you the Continuation Coverage in the mail once the benefit administrator keys your SEBB termination.

For your convenience, all of the Continuation Coverage information that SEBB will send to you are on the links below on this page.

*You must sign up directly with the SEBB program no later than 60 days from the date your SEBB benefits have terminated.


How long does Continuation Coverage last?

Your maximum coverage period is determined by the qualifying event that caused you to lose SEBB coverage. SEBB Continuation Coverage (COBRA) can generally last up to 18 months. There are other circumstances that can extend your Continuation Coverage and those are explained in the Continuation Coverage Election Notice that is linked below on this page.


How much does Continuation Coverage cost?

SEBB Continuation Coverage monthly premiums are found on this link. Medical, dental and vision all have separate monthly premiums.


What is the process to sign up for Continuation Coverage?

You would fill out the application -- SEBB Continuation Coverage Elections Change form (link below) -- by mail to SEBB with your first monthly premium of what you have elected for coverage. Then call SEBB in a few days to ensure they have received your application. You can call again to make sure it has been processed successfully.


SEBB Contact Information for Continuation Coverage enrollees



SEBB Continuation Coverage Election Notice


SEBB Continuation Coverage Elections Change form (application to opt into Continuation Coverage -- *You must submit your first month’s payment with your application. Please be sure to call SEBB at the contact number above to ensure SEBB received your application and payment!)

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