Class Information

Film as Literature
This is a class about thinking. Every movie—no matter how simple it might seem on the surface—can give us a million things to think about and a million things to talk about. In this course we will learn some of the technical terms connected to film as an art form. We will learn to recognize the techniques filmmakers use in order to tell their stories. We will also use movies as a springboard for discussions about issues central to our own experiences. And, of course, we will also watch movies simply to be entertained and be amazed at what humans can create when they put their minds to it. But the bottom line is that this class is about thinking. So be ready to think. Course syllabus.

UW 131 (College Writing)
The goal of this course is to prepare you for success in writing across various disciplines. In English 131, you will develop and refine your abilities as a reader, writer, and a thinker through non-fiction readings and intensive practice in writing analytical arguments. Unlike most English classes you have taken that focus on literary analysis, this class focuses primarily on non-fiction readings and building your own arguments. Course Syllabus.

Beginning Guitar
Beginning Guitar is a class designed to introduce students to the guitar, building foundational techniques, knowledge, and skill. Whether you've never played the guitar or have some experience but want to improve, this class will give you the opportunity move forward in your understanding of the guitar. For more information, check out the Course Syllabus.
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