Class Overview

Class Overview:
Due to the fact that American Sign Language is a visual language, our class tends to be heavily project based that involves live and recorded presentations to the class. This is because sign language uses three dimensional aspects that include space, body language, and movement that cannot be conveyed on paper. Students will be expected to engage in conversations in sign language with classmates as well as present skits, stories, and other forms of ASL expression to peers. 

Within the ASL department, we use a “flipped classroom” model, which means that students will be expected to learn the material prior to coming into class, so we can use and engage in the language during class. Students will be required to have a strong foundation of the unit before coming to class where we review the unit and spend the class period doing an activity that engages students in the new unit. Essentially the “lecturing” of teaching students vocabulary will be done at home and the application of the language that traditionally would have been homework is now done during class.

Grading Breakdown:

Fluency/Projects 35%

Tests 35%

Classwork/Quizzes 20%

Journals 10%

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